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The Blue Skies Farmers


Mark Schmidt

Director of Agriculture
Compliance Manager


Mark is an Investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research during the week and co-owner of Blue Skies Farm of Puget Island, LLC, where he spends his time on the weekend. Having education and professional experience in food safety and food-borne outbreak prevention and investigation, Mark leads the Blue Skies Farm program for value-added food production. In whatever spare time is left, Mark enjoys spending time in the Provence region of France.

Daniel and Deer.jpg

Daniel Sapp

Director of Infrastructure Development

and Capital Improvement

Daniel has spend his career in health care related fields, but has a passion for building and landscape architecture. As a co-owner of Blue Skies Farm of Puget Island, LLC, Daniel is in charge of infrastructure expansion and maintenance. When not keeping the farm looking good, he can be found in his workshop building furniture. 


Brian Winner

Director of Communications and Marketing

Brian is a Financial Crimes Manager for a large financial institution during the week in beautiful and eccentric Portland, OR and co-owner of Blue Skies Farm of Puget Island, LLC.  Brian found his passion for photography traveling Europe where he has over the past seven years visited several countries including France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

Our Mission

Blue Skies Farm of Puget Island was born out of our belief that now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to work towards shaping a better future in an ever-changing world. In March 2014, we formed Blue Skies Farm of Puget Island, LLC to turn this belief into action. Our mission is to:

  • Provide sustainably-raised products that strengthen the local foodshed of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon;

  • Serve as stewards of our natural resources, including our land, water, and pollinating insects;

  • Build community resilience to uncertain events by promoting greater self-sufficiency and nurturing social relationships; and

  • Have a lot of fun doing it!

Blue Skies Farm in the News


Contact Us

31 Blue Skies Lane, WA 98612


Open by appointment only. 


Please contact us for availability.  

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